Movie Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I finally checked this movie out from the library and honestly, I feel a bit “Percy Jacksoned”.

From a movie standpoint, I think it’s fine. I like the special effects, Tim Burton’s style, the casting, and the way it’s structured. From a book-to-movie standpoint I’m pretty disappointed. I feel like things strayed quite a bit from the book, the characters that had so much personality in the book came across as flat in the movie, and there seemed to be quite a few plot holes.

I’ve tried to determine if they were going to make a sequel to the movie but a lot of the information I could find isn’t clear, but I don’t know what direction they would have gone with it if Hollywood had decided to continue on.

I much prefer the book over the movie. The book has a fast-paced, interesting, and well-developed plot with fully-formed characters to tie everything together. It seemed like a lot of what was emphasized in the book (the photos, the the Hollows, etc.) were skimmed over in the movie adaptation.

I wasn’t really expecting to love the movie but I’m more disappointed with it than I thought I would be. That being said, I might still recommend this movie to people who haven’t read the book and don’t have any interest in doing so. Like I said earlier, the movie itself is fine. I like Tim Burton and the movie is fast-paced with some cool effects. I just don’t really enjoy it from a reader’s perspective.

Have you seen this movie/read this book? What are your thoughts?

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