Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

Ahhh it’s almost Christmas!! I love Christmas: I love making and giving gifts to people, I love Christmas food, I love Christmas movies, and I love the family time.

This year I’ll be moving into my new condo just after Christmas, so I’m anticipating more house-related gifts than book-related (I’ve deduced this after being told by my family that this is the case, lol), but if I were to put together a book wish list this is what it would look like!

I usually check books out through the library and then buy them afterward if I liked them. Occasionally I’ll take a risk and buy a brand new book but I’m not fond of spending money on something I’m not sure I’ll like! I’m taking that risk with a few of the books on this list.

What’s That Under the Tree?

  1. Starry Eyes: I don’t know what it is but when I see this cover it just gives me a warm feeling. I really enjoyed the book and would definitely give it some rereads if I had a copy on my shelves!
  2. Fragile Things: I haven’t read this one but have a strong hunch that I’ll love it! I’ve really enjoyed everything Neil Gaiman I’ve read so far and I liked Smoke and Mirrors, another collection of short stories by Gaiman.
  3. Good Omens: I love this genre, I love Neil Gaiman, and I really like the show! I figure it must be a great book and I would love to finally give this a read.
  4. The Impossibility of Us: This book holds a special place in my heart since it was the first book I ever reviewed on this blog. On top of this, I really liked the book! It would be wonderful to have a copy of this for my shelves.
  5. The Enola Holmes series: I read this series aloud with my mom as a kid and think it would be fun to have a copy of the series.
  6. Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating: Great reviews on Goodreads, a fun summary, and it’s written by an author duo I’m coming to love- sign me up!
  7. The Book of Lost Things: I read this one fairly recently and really liked the magical story. It was fun, dark, and fast-paced, and it got me started on John Connolly’s writing!
  8. Ninth House: Despite having not read anything by Leigh Bardugo I just know that I will love her writing, style, and books. This one has been all over lately, so why not get in on that action?
  9. P.S. I Like You: This is probably my favorite book by Kasie West and I would definitely give it a reread at some point!
  10. There’s Something About Sweetie: I really liked When Dimple Met Rishi but loved There’s Something About Sweetie! This one would fit perfectly next to my copy of When Dimple Met Rishi.

What does your wish list look like?

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