Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means! This week is a complete freebie and I thought I would take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on some of my favorite atmospheric books.

I use that word a lot when I’m writing reviews because I feel like it describes how the characters, setting, storyline, and conflicts come together. Usually when I describe a book as atmospheric it’s made me feel something, so here’s a list of ten that I love!

I’m Hooked on a Feeling

  1. Blood Water Paint: This whole book is one gut punch after another, but I absolutely loved the incorporation of Judith and Susanna’s stories. Not only do their pain and struggles mirror Artemisia’s perfectly but it made Artemisia’s deceased mother much more real and influential in her life. Poetry doesn’t usually make me feel strongly one way or the other, but this book did.
  2. The Wren Hunt: I loved the setting and history in this book so much. It takes place in the modern day in a small village in Ireland, a place where two sides of an age-old feud reside. I didn’t know much about Ireland’s folklore until reading this, so it was quite the adventure.
  3. Blackbird vol. 1: THE ARTWORK. Seriously guys, the artwork in this graphic novel is everything. It took me awhile to read this because I spent so much time looking at each illustration. I loved the story as well, but the artwork is something else.
  4. The Library of Fates: I remember it being really hard to write this review because all I knew was that I loved the book, I didn’t know the reason. The character development combined with the journey combined with the rich descriptions made for such an immersive and enjoyable read.
  5. The Sleeper and the Spindle: Another book that’s on this list mostly for the artwork. It’s a reimagined fairytale loosely based off the stories of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. That in itself contributes a certain enchanting element to the book, but the illustrations really bring a lot to the table. Every page has incredibly detailed drawings that make the story feel more real, I loved it.
  6. The Boneless Mercies: Another fantastical book rooted in mythology and folklore, I’m picking up on a theme here! I read this one a while ago but still remember being completely taken with the overall vibe of the book. It was that perfectly intricate blend of plot, characters, and setting that I mentioned earlier.
  7. Muse of Nightmares: Along with Strange the DreamerMuse of Nightmares is a beautiful book filled with swoon-worthy romance, great worldbuilding, a wonderful setting, and a diverse cast of characters. The worldbuilding is really what gets me here, and it influences so much else throughout the book.
  8. Winterwood: Witchy, wintery, and wonderful. The remoteness of the setting plus the witchy main character and the supernatural elements make Winterwood a very atmospheric book.
  9. The Hazel Wood: This is one of those books that contains excerpts of other stories, much like Blood Water Paint on this list. The Hinterland excerpts that are included in this book help the story feel more expansive and real, and that magical feeling only grows stronger as the book progresses.
  10. How the Light Gets In: Something about the depth of Cal’s grief, the mingling with the past, and the supernatural elements make this a very atmospheric book. This book is pretty different from the majority of the books on this list but it definitely belongs.

There you have it, ten of my favorite atmospheric books! Have you read any of these? How would you describe them?

As always, check out Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl to learn more about Top Ten Tuesday!


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