Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


This week’s TTT theme is weirdly challenging, anyone else agree? I had to take some time to think about what kind of theme I wanted to stick with for “thankful freebie” and I’ve decided to go with books with great messages about family and friendship. That’s what I find myself most thankful for, especially around this time of year, so it’s fitting that this list reflects this!

I’m Thankful For…

  1. 10 Blind Dates: The family dynamics in this book are fantastic! So many of the situations in this book reminded me of my own weird, nosy, boisterous, amazing family. It really made it such a great read.
  2. With the Fire on High: The multi-generational family representation in this book is so beautiful. Emoni’s relationships with her abuela and her daughter are complex and real. On top of this we have her relationship with her daughter’s father, someone with whom she has a very complicated relationship but who plays a very important role in her and her daughter’s lives.
  3. How the Light Gets In: A sad story about a girl who loses part of herself with the death of her sister, yet a beautiful story about a girl who finds herself and her family after the death of her sister. The sibling bond in this book was so strong and meaningful, I loved it.
  4. Anna and the French Kiss: A great travel-themed book about a girl who has to make a whole new life for herself after moving to Paris while trying to maintain her relationships in the States at the same time. Sounds complicated, right? The relationships that developed throughout this book felt so real, messy, and fun.
  5. Save the Date: A book jam-packed with familial conflict and love, but what do we expect from a book all about a wedding? Like 10 Blind Dates, the family dynamics in this book were at times relatable, always memorable, and perfectly cringey.
  6. The Resolutions: I love the idea of choosing New Year’s Resolutions for your friends and having them choose yours. It just gives me such a warm and cozy feeling to have that kind of closeness with your friends, and that’s exactly what this book is about. It shows the highs and lows of such a tight relationship in a compelling way.
  7. If You’re Out There: Wow, the friendship between Zan and Priya is strong. I can’t say much about the depth of this relationship without giving parts of the book away, but when Priya goes missing Zan never gives up on finding her friend. Their bond is strong and it’s one thing I really enjoyed about the book.
  8. Rayne & Delilah’s Midnite Matinee: Rayne and Delilah definitely go through their ups and downs throughout this book- what friendship doesn’t?- but they always find the strength in their relationship. I really enjoyed reading about these two girls as they grew both apart and closer.
  9. Five Feet Apart: Stella and Poe, honestly people. A great friendship, I loved it in both the book and movie! Plus, Will’s relationship with his mother (however glazed over) was interesting to me. Not to mention Stella’s relationship with her sister and how that influenced the dynamic with/between her and her parents.
  10. This is What it Feels Like: Dia, Jules, and Hanna have a rocky history and it was so cool to see their relationship develop throughout the course of the book. Plus, Dia’s relationship with her daughter added another compelling dynamic to the story.

So there you have it, a list of ten books with friendship and family dynamics that really stuck out to me! Whether it’s because I found them compelling, realistic, hilarious, sad, or all of the above, these relationships left an impression, and that’s saying something because I have a truly terrible memory.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of these relationships? What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Great post!

    I haven’t read any of these books, but I really want to read Five Feet Apart. I wasn’t even aware of the book until the movie came out. Hopefully I’ll get around to reading the book and seeing the movie sometime in the new year.

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