Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

This TTT list was a fun one for me! I don’t usually use a bookmark when I’m reading but I did work in libraries for many years and have seen my fair share of strange bookmarks, so I’ve decided to use these cases as inspiration for much of this post!

Did You Really Think This Was a Good Idea?

A list in which I question people’s choices

I’m going to use these first three slots for myself and explain what I typically use for bookmarks, then get into the good stuff.

  1. My library receipt: it’s just as free as the book!
  2. Nothing: I usually don’t use a bookmark because I either finish the book in one sitting, remember the book page, or read on my Kindle app!
  3. Shoutout to the amazing bookmarks I’ve been gifted: I might not use them very often but I love them and display them proudly upon my bookshelves.
  4. Gum wrapper: I’m intentionally starting small here, and I think it’s safe to say we’ve all used a gum wrapper/small piece of paper as a bookmark. It’s totally fine!
  5. Pens/pencils: I get why you did it but the poor binding! The book will never be the same!
  6. Dog-ear: I personally am not a fan of this, especially if the book isn’t yours and you’re borrowing it from the library.
  7. Money/checks/gift cards: Are you trying to tip your librarian or did you want to keep your $50 Amazon gift card in your library book for safe keeping?
  8. Kleenex…possibly used?: I kid you not, and it’s just as gross as it sounds.
  9. Banana peel: I just don’t understand the logic regarding the banana peel whatsoever.
  10. Tortilla shell: Again, where’s the logic here?? Honestly!

The moral of this list is be kind to the library staff and books! Please stop putting your food and used tissues in your books and get yourself a scrap of paper!

Head over to Jana @ That Artsy Reader GirlΒ for more on Top Ten Tuesday!


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