Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

Hellllllloooooo and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday! I am super excited for this week’s topic because I love Fall! The smells, the colors, the holidays, everything. The cooler weather is a great excuse to stay inside curled up with a good book ๐Ÿ˜‰

The theme for TTT this week is Books That Give Off Autumn Vibes, and I am here for it!

Bring on the Autumn Vibes, Baby


  1. Sawkill Girls
    This one is for the moths and trees on the cover, the creepy vibes in the book, and the word “sawkill” which just screams a blustery Autumn to me
  2. The Wren Hunt
    Another nod to the cover, featuring the wren made out of tree branches. Basically, trees = Autumn in my mind
  3. The Hazel Wood
    Obviously the woods in the title and cover, but also the atmosphere and the rest of the cover design. Especially the cottage with smoke coming out of the chimney!
  4. These Witches Don’t Burn
    I haven’t read this one (yet) but the titleย actuallyย is Autumn. That’s it, that’s the argument.
  5. The Beast is an Animal
    Another one I haven’t read yet but can’t leave off this list. Just look at the cover! The bare trees, red leaves on the forest floor, the fog?? AUTUMN
  6. Sorry For Your Loss
    This one has been sitting on my tbr for quite awhile now, and I wanted it on this list for two reasons. Firstly, the colors on the cover are definitely Autumn. Secondly, the summary makes it sound so full of change, much like Autumn as the transition season between summer and winter.
  7. Pumpkinheads
    Okay seriously, this needs no explanation.
  8. This is Our Story
    Another tbr book, but I think most murder mysteries give me Autumn vibes. Plus, I’m from the Midwest where deer and deer hunting are pretty prevalent this time of year, so the deer on the cover makes me think of Autumn.
  9. The Boneless Mercies
    Everything about this book makes me think of Autumn: the cover, the title, and the story. This is a great book for autumn.

10. The Bone Houses
Bones!! The skull on the cover! More Autumn vibes because how creepy is this?

Have you read any of these? Do they give you Autumn vibes?

Head over to Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl to learn more about Top Ten Tuesday!


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