The Sun is Also a Star: Movie Review

I have many conflicting opinions about The Sun is Also a Star, both the book and the movie.

I thought the book’s plot was rushed, too unbelievable, but still kinda cute. The same, as it turns out, goes for the movie. I find that I can suspend my disbelief more for a rom-com than I can for a book. I watch rom-coms to decompress, feel a bit mushy, and live a fairytale for a short while. I read books for some of the same reasons but I generally expect more from a book than a movie. To me movies are light entertainment and books are supposed to be more impactful. In this case, both the book and the movie gave me an overall “meh” feeling.

True, I did read the book two years ago and I was doing other things on my computer while watching the movie. But I usually can’t concentrate on other things when a really good show or movie is on.

Don’t get me wrong, the movie is good. I liked the actors; I know Charles Melton from Riverdale but Yara Shahidi was new to be. Both actors captured the characters and actually made me like them more than their book counterparts. From what I remember of the book, the movie stays close to the book. The movie’s soundtrack fit the scenes very well and the scenes themselves were cute. There just wasn’t anything that made it really stand out to me. I enjoyed it but I won’t seek it out again for a rewatch.

That being said, I think this is a case where the movie is actually better than the book! Both are good, but the movie captures their short love story is a more magical way that I find more entertaining than eyeroll-inducing, which is more than I can say for the book.

Have you read and/or watched The Sun is Also a Star? What are your thoughts on the two?

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