Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday! Last week I told you all what character traits I love and this week it’s all about the extraordinary book titles, baby!

This topic was submitted by Elise @ A Book and a Cup who has a beautiful blog, so go check it out if you haven’t already!

Extraordinary Book Titles

(Not in any order)

1. Meet Me in Outer Space

meet me in outer space

This title is just so intriguing because, you know, just casually meet up in space. Like ya do. It sounds like it would be a sci-fi book but it’s actually a contemporary book about a girl starting out in college. I gave this book 3 stars.

2. The Girl the Sea Gave Back


I love that the sea sounds like a sentient being who is consciously giving a girl back. And what was the girl doing in the sea in the first place? I wondered so many things about this book just from the title alone. I gave this book 3 stars.

3. You Owe Me a Murder


Um…excuse me? I owe you a murder? Say what now? Sadly, I also gave this book 3 stars. But doesn’t the title make you want to know everything about this book?

4. The Library of Fates

library of fates

This title, cover, and story are so beautiful. The title itself is so mysterious and already tells me that the book is going to be very atmospheric. I gave this 5 stars; the first on this list, so not all hope is lost!

5. An Affair of Poisons

affair of poisons

My my my, how mysterious this title is. An affair of poisons? I hope I’m not the only one who is immediately interested with just the mention of poisons (please comment and let me know I’m not alone lol) and the promise of a dark story. I gave this one 4 stars.

6. A Very Large Expanse of Sea


A very extraordinary title for a very extraordinary book! Another 5-star book for the list.

7. The Boneless Mercies

the boneless mercies

Another title that draws me in with the promise of a dark storyline. It just sounds so haunting to me, I immediately wanted to read it after seeing the title. Luckily, this baby was a 4-star read for me!

8. The Nowhere Girls

the nowhere girls

A group of girls who are nowhere? What does this mean? This is what I was wondering when I decided to read this book. Unfortunately, the book only got 3 stars from me.

9. Strange the Dreamer


Such a short but magical title, I was drawn in right away. Obviously this was a full 5 stars for me.

10. House of Salt and Sorrows


This might be a noun-heavy title but it’s definitely haunting and interesting. This ended up being a 3.5 star read for me.

I stuck to books I had read for this challenge to keep it a bit easier for myself. I’m excited to see what titles everyone else comes up with, I’m sure I’ll be adding quite a few more books to my tbr!


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