Five Feet Apart: Movie Review

I finally snagged this off my library’s Lucky Day shelf and watched it! I read the book a few months ago and am pleased to report that the book and movie are nearly identical. It might sound boring, but I enjoy seeing the book I liked turned into an equally likeable movie. It’s far better than a book you love being turned into a not-great movie *ahem* The Mortal Instruments *ahem*.

Anywho, back to Five Feet Apart!


I should start this by saying that the book was actually based off the screenplay, so it makes a lot of sense that they would be incredibly close to one another in regards to the scenes, dialogue, story arc, etc. But what the movie does that the book didn’t was really bring Will and Stella to life. Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson are the perfect leads for this. Honestly, they seemed to breathe life into their individual characters and their on-screen chemistry was great.

Because the book and movie are so similar, you can read my more detailed thoughts on the story here in my book review and apply the general ideas to the movie.

Another aspect of the movie that I “enjoyed” was actually seeing the more negative events rather than just reading them. Of course, these aren’t enjoyable in a positive manner. It’s more like it was more powerful and impactful to see the characters cry, struggle, and get angry at these events. I don’t normally cry during books or movies but I will admit that I had a little something in my eye during a couple scenes.

I would definitely recommend watching this movie. You don’t have to read the book first but I would still recommend it just to get more into the characters’ heads. It had been a few months between reading the book and watching the movie but I still remembered enough of the plot and characters to already feel close to them and have that connection.

Have you read or watched Five Feet Apart yet? What are your thoughts?

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