Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour

I fell in love with Morgan Matson after reading Save the Date and realized I still hadn’t read Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour. I saw it was a free read on RivetedLit and immediately started reading it. Y’all, it was pretty darn cute.



Amy Curry is not looking forward to her summer. Her mother decided to move across the country and now it’s Amy’s responsibility to get their car from California to Connecticut. The only problem is, since her father died in a car accident, she isn’t ready to get behind the wheel. Enter Roger. An old family friend, he also has to make the cross-country trip – and has plenty of baggage of his own. The road home may be unfamiliar – especially with their friendship venturing into uncharted territory – but together, Amy and Roger will figure out how to map their way.


My Thoughts

4/5 stars

So here’s the funny thing: I love Morgan Matson’s first couple of books and her most recent book. The in-between books? No so much. You’d think each book would get consistently better than the last but her writing felt the strongest in Amy & Roger and Save the Date.

Anywho, this was a really good story about a girl dealing with grief, guilt, self-doubt, and a dash of romance. I LOVE that the romance aspect was a gradual thing and didn’t overshadow or belittle the more serious issues Amy was dealing with. It’s also a story about a boy going through a breakup who decided to help drive a girl across the country. Pretty cute rom-com situation, right?

If you’ve read any of my other posts you’ll know that I absolutely hate it when authors use the love interest aspect to drive all of the character development. This is totally not the case here. Amy (and Roger) go through a lot of individual development through confronting their conflicts, little changes in attitude and behavior, and a slow opening up to others. Amy in particular was a delight to see grow, especially considering her circumstances.

Our wacky cast of secondary characters help our characters develop but also add such a fun element to the book. Matson did a great job developing these secondaries into solid characters that were memorable and contributed to the story. I also loved the pictures journal entries, and memorabilia that were included with the story. It really helped draw me into the road trip aspect of the book and helped balance out some of the more serious themes.

I would definitely recommend this book. It explores a lot more than just romance and other YA contemporary staples, so it would be a good introduction for those who might want to try the genre. If you already love YA contemporary, chances are you’ve already read it and I’m just 9 years late to this Morgan Matson party 😂 I would recommend giving Amy & Roger a shot, even if you didn’t like some of her other books like me.

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