Hey everyone! If you like mystery, romance, and family stories, Omitted by Peri June is the book for you. You can find it on Amazon here (this is not an affiliate link, I’m just sharing it with you).


omittedSecrets. Scars. Solitude.
Those three words now define her life.
And the big one, Silence.
But this is not a vocabulary lesson. This is a story about a girl; a girl who chose to keep silent.
Did she make the right choice?

When Hannah wakes up in the hospital, she makes a decision to feign memory loss about the events that landed her there. Now a college freshman, she’s determined to put the past behind her, but she’s coming to realize that silence may be her biggest enemy.

Within minutes of meeting Hannah, Parker quickly discovers that trying to befriend this prickly girl will be like hugging a cactus; it can only end in pain.
But Parker loves a challenge, and he makes it his mission to put a smile on that girl’s face. The more he knows about Hannah, the more he wants to find out. If only she would let him get close to her…

Hannah is done letting anybody in, but being surrounded by so many cheerful people—especially Parker—is tempting her to open up again. Maybe even fall in love.
Will she put an end to the lies?
Or will she keep pretending?
Find out the truth in…OMITTED.

My Thoughts

3.5/5 stars

*I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

I really love mysteries. I love true crime, mystery TV shows, and of course mystery books. When I read the summary for this book I was immediately interested. Why did Hannah decide to fake memory loss? What is she lying about? What is her story?

I give this book 3.5 stars because I think it has a really solid foundation and has an interesting plot. However, I found that I wanted a bit more from the characters than I ended up getting.

What I Liked

  • We are immediately drawn into the plot from page 1. There isn’t any filler in the beginning that is used just to take up space in the book and serve as a lazy segway into the actual story. I appreciate that the author got started right away, and it didn’t really stop from there.
  • The relationship between Hannah and (most) of her family was really sweet and genuine. Aaron and Hannah have a loving relationship , but I also loved the attention put into the more minor characters, like Aaron’s sister. Each secondary character was given enough attention where they played a role in the story and made an impact without stealing too much attention away from the main narrative.
  • Parker and Hannah make a cute couple! I have always loved the “opposites attract” theme, and I love that the author flipped it around so the guy was a ray of sunshine and the girl was more surly. Too often we get the “good girl falls for the bad boy” trope and, as much as I kind of love it, I am pretty sick of it. The author flips this around and it is really nice to see such a genuinely happy guy and a mysterious girl get closer.
  • I liked that the author switched POVs throughout the novel. The book was told in 3rd person but still switched between three POVs. This helped get closer to the story and the characters, which I really liked.
  • The characters were in college! There are so few book about characters in college these days and this is a really good one. The characters were definitely written appropriately for this setting: no one was too immature or too mature.

What I Disliked

  • The pacing throughout some of the novel was lacking. I found myself getting a bit impatient at times with Hanna’s backstory. I wish there had been more bits and pieces divulged throughout the storyline to show character development and plot development. However, there is enough going on in Hannah’s head and enough shown through her actions to put things together. I just wish there would have been more explicitly told throughout the story.
  • Many of the character traits were divulged through expressly telling the reader what the character is thinking rather than through things like mannerisms, body language, perception of other characters, etc. For example, a character would say something like “‘I don’t like that,’ he said angrily” rather than showing anger through the atmosphere or reaction of the other character being told that. This didn’t really take too much from the story, but it made me feel a bit distanced from the characters and the storyline.
  • As much as I really liked the multiple POVs, it was a bit difficult to keep track of at times. Because the story was told in 3rd person, it was sometimes difficult to tell exactly who was talking or thinking something until a few sentences in.

Overall, Omitted was a really interesting read! I felt like I could relate pretty well to Hannah and I liked that there was character development, even for the secondary characters. There is a good amount of family/friendship/romance/mystery to make the story well-rounded and driven.


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